ChongoniCz. na goraco Chongoni 250g male

Chongoni - ginger hot chocolate

countries of origin: Paraguay, Peru, Dominican Republic

net weight: 250g, 750g

organic certification: organic farming UE

Fairtrade certificacion: Fairtrade International (FLO)

Fairtrade content: 100%.

Chongoni is a ginger style hot chocolate: warming up and stimulating. Not only for ginger lovers. Perfectly fine also for children, because ginger is sensed in smell mostly.

Cz. na goraco Chongoni 750g maleChongoni consists of cocoa (42%) from Fairtrade cooperatives: Coopain (Peru) Conacado (Dominican Republic) and Cooproagro (Dominican Republic); cane sugar from an Asociacion de Productores Agricolas Cañeros y Afines (Paraguay).





EAN: 250g - 5902768072204; 750g - 5902768072310

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