Pizca del mundo Patuca 250g


ground coffee

Preparation: traditional, drip coffeemakers, dripper, aero-press, French press, chemex, syphon

parzenie pangoa mazamari

Flavour description: Natural spicy flavours with a delicate scent of cloves and cinnamon. Taste of almonds, ginger, caramel and milk chocolate. It is characterised by vibrant acidity, with a noticeable aftertaste of green apples.

Roasting: light (223ºC: city/city+ roasting)

palenie ocotepeque patuca

country of origin: Honduras, Copan region

type: Arabica 100%

crops type: ecological, diverse mountain microclimate, altitude: 1200-1800 m. asl, shaded

organic certification: organic farming UE

Fair Trade certification: Fair for Life (IMO)

net weight: 250g, 1kg

Coffee comes from Fairtrade certified cooperative

Patuca is a coffee produced in the Copan region of Honduras. It is grown at an altitude of 1200-1800 m. above see level by a group of 70 farmers gathered in Fair Trade Cooperativa Cafetalera Capucas (FLO ID: 19080). They are a part of a sustainable project of ecological cultivation which is a part of the protection zone of Celaque National Park, famous for its biodiversity. Organic farming and light roasting give the coffee an extraordinary wealth of flavours that are hard to find in conventional coffee.

Patuca is roasted in one of the best Polish roasteries in small (14 kg) batches. The roasting date is always placed on the package. This this ensures the customer is certain that he has a freshly roasted coffee.

Patuca has its beans version: Ocotepeque.

EAN: 250g - 5902768072709

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