Kawa Langano 250g maleLangano

Ground coffee

Preparation: traditional, espresso machine, moka pot, Turkish coffee, aero-press

parzenie langano aijata

Flavour description: Full body composed of herbs, tea, black chocolate and caramel. Delicate sweetness of honey.

Roasting: medium/dark (227ºC: full city / full city+ roasting)

palenie abijata langano

country of origin: Ethiopia (Oromia Coffee Farmers cooperative)

type: Arabica 100% (Sidamo)

crops type: ecological, diverse mountain microclimate

organic certification: organic farming UE

Fair Trade certification: Fair for Life (IMO)

net weight: 250g

Coffee come from a Fairtrade certified cooperative

Langano is a high quality espresso type of coffee. It is designed for espresso machines and moka pots. It is a dark roasted coffee, but we managed to avoid the unwelcome taste of ash and saturated acids, typical for most of dark roasted coffees.

This coffee is produced by Ethiopian farmers organised by Fair Trade cooperative - Oromia Coffee Farmers Union (FLO ID: 897). It was created in 1999. Today it is one of the biggest Fair Trade organisations in the world, associating with around one hundred thousand members. Fair Trade benefits the local communities greatly. Fair Trade premium is spent for new schools, wells or health insurances.

Langano is roasted in one of the best Polish roasteries in small (14 kg) batches. The roasting date is always placed on the package. This this ensures the customer is certain that he has a freshly roasted coffee.

Langano is made from the coffee beans: Abijata

EAN: 250g - 5902768072037

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