PucallpaKakao Pucallpa 100g male

Pucallpa - roasted cocoa beans covered with chilli

country of origin (cocoa beans): Peru

weight: 100g, 1kg

organic certification: organic farming UE

Fair Trade certification: Fair for Life (IMO)

composition: roasted cocoa beans* [Peru], chilli*


Fair Trade components content: 100%.

Organic components content: 100%

Kakao Pucallpa 1kg malePucallpa is an extraordinary but also the very old recipe. It is a lightly roasted beans of Criollo cocoa - one of the most excellent varieties of cocoa - covered with chilli. The spice altogether with cocoa is a traditional composition of ancient Mayas. A great snack for cocoa fans ready for a real challenge.






Kody EAN: 100g - 5901854702087; 1kg- 5901854702094

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