We make sure that our products do not contain artificial ingredients. We wish that children learn chemistry at school, not from the packaging of products they consume.

- Our hot chocolate contain organic natural cocoa (42%!) and organic cane sugar, while the majority of beverages this type available on the market are mixtures of only 15-20% cocoa, sugar, salt, emulsifiers, colourants, artificial flavours and other substances.

- We only sell only 100% Arabica. Our ground coffee is exactly the same quality as the beans. We do not cover up the old or poor quality coffee with dark roasting, but we buy the highest quality beans and roast them to increase its natural taste and aroma of our coffee.

- Yerba mate (including our functional one) consists of only natural ingredients. It has no flavorings or coloring, only the dried organic yerba mate, herbs and fruits.

certyfikat-euroliscOur products are all organic, which is confirmed by the EU organic farming certificate.

Since 2012 our enterprise has been certified by Ekogwarancja PTRE.

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